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New model Iga wearing absolutely ultra sheer and ultra soft 10 den FF nylons from Gerbe

Jolana's back exposing her sexy tiny meatysize 6 feet in classic RHT nylons

New model Luna, cute "next door" girl posing in all sheer stockings

New girl, foot princess Camilla. Lots of close-ups of her lovely nyloned feet

New girl Milana exposing her lovely size 6 feet encased in two types of nylons: classic RHT and extremely sheer and very rare thong toe

Underneath her black leggins and leather mini skirt Donna is wearing invisible 7 den stockings from Gerbe in a lovely shade of tan


Hot MILF Agata

Bianca exposing her yummy meaty size 6 feet

Sofiya posing in classic FF nylons with delicate foot reinforcements

Lovely Madlena's back posing in wrinkled seamed barefoot Albert's nylons

Great thighs, huge boobs and kissable tine size 6 feet encased in absolutely ultra soft nylon stockings - that's Martina

Spectacular super model, leggy Pat K

Amazing Roksana, this time blond-haired exposing her lovely legs and meaty feet

Amber's back exposing her perfect size 6 feet encased in rare FF nylons

Marta says: "lick my nyloned red painted toes..."

Lovely Krista exposing her nyloned legs and tiny feet

New girl, leggy goddess Ilona

This girl definitely knows how to expose her lovely nyloned legs and tiny size 6 feet

NEW girl Sasha...Ukrainian beauty posing in sexy black semi-fashioned nylons

Italian beauty Gianna is exposing her legs and feet covered with delicate barefoot Hanes stockings

Gorgeous Noemi posing in classic tan FF nylons with outlined feet...extremely rare these days

Spectacular comments required

New girl, majestic Beatrice. Her gorgeous long legs encased in 10 den shadow RHT nylons

Miss Roza is wearing classic, amazingly sheer and soft RHT National's nylons

Madlena's feet encased in rare various nylons are simply...mind blowing! Especially whe she spreads those sexy kissable little toes. This photo set cointains lots of close-ups of her lovely nyloned feet

Leggy cutie plaing with her vintage RHT nylons

Lovely Sofiya is wearing sexy vintage black nylons with heavily reinforced heels and toes. Her size 6 feet are sooo beautiful

New girl Niki. Tall godsess exposing her beautiful long legs encased in classic FF nylons from Gerbe

Sweet Nora exposing her sexy meaty size 6 feet encased in various types of vintage nylons. Lots of foot close-ups!!

Marlena's amazing legs and small kissable feet encased in vintage RHT nylons with huge reinforcements

Cute Krista is exposing her tiny size 5 feet encased sexy rare FF nylons

Tall goddess Laura exposing her beautiful long and smooth legs encased in sheer 10 den FF nylons from Gerbe.

Leggy Gianna posing in classic black VERY sheer and VERY soft RHT nylons

New girl Sari. Classy brunette posing in classic black FF nylons

Martina - busty housewife from the 60's exposing her tiny size 6 feet encased in classic RHT nylons

Leggy pin-up princess posing in sexy black FF nylons

New model Amber exposing her amazing wrinkled size 6 feet encased in all sheer, thong toe nylons

New model Nastya exposing her tiny size 6 feet encased in classic black RHT nylons

New model Svetlana posing in classic 10 den FF nylons from Gerbe

New model Edita. Lots of close-ups of her tiny nyloned feet taken from every angle

New model, leggy goddess Berenica posing in classic FF nylons

Due to popular demand there she is again...spectacular Donna with her meaty, wrinkled bare feet

Roksana posing barefoot

Beautiful MILF Jolana posing in vintage rare FF nylons

Sweet Roza posing in tan 10 den FF stockings from Gerbe

Spectacular foot model Bianca posing in classic black FF nylons

Cute Madlena posing in two types of vintage nylons

Hot Donna exposing her tasty wrinkled feet

New model Roksana

Spectacular Ursula playing with sexy blue Albert's nylons

Hot Suzanne posing in barefoot seamed stockings

Magnificent ballet dancer Marta posing in classic black FF nylons

New girl Nataly posing in discontinued light like feather 7 den Gerbe stockings. It's worth mentioning that her feet were exceptionally smelly

New model Dulce. Italian secretary is wearing classic black RHT nylons. Her foot size is 7

New sex bomb, leggy Vera posing in classic FF nylons

Sweet Tina posing in sexy blackfoot stockings

Italian beauty Fransesca posing in classic FF nylons

I love the sensual feeling of these barefoot micro mesh nylons on my legs

Sofiya is wearing extremely rare seamed barefoot stockings

Cute brunette named Nicola. Lots of close-ups of her lovely nyloned feet

Hot Donna posing in ultra glossy CDR pantyhose

Tan RHT stockings

Guest model Kim

Guest model Dalia

Perfectly oiled legs to give them this extra shine plus absolutely ultra sheer, almost invisible pantyhose

Incredibly soft to the touch navy barefoot stockings

It's all about this special long green balldress. Underneath I was wearing tan ultra sheer sandalfoot stockings and I had to make sure my perfectly pedicured toes were clearly visible.

Ultra sheer 8 den pantyhose

Chilling out in tan RHTs

10 denier RHT stockings

Glossy Charnos discontinued pantyhose wuth large reinforced toes

Naughty dirty feet

My favourite RHT stockings

Absolutely ultra sheer 8 den summer pantyhose.

Bare feet in paradise

These new stockings are absolutely RARE. Perhaps the only pair left in the world? They have fully reinforced bottoms but completely sheer toes. Lots of extreme close-ups

Guest model Madlena. She's wearing original vintage Albert's stockings with sexy seams and her feet size 6 are simply gorgeous

I was in a mood for jogging so because it was hot outside I decided to put on my trainers, short pair of jeans and the sheerest 8 denier pantyhose I could find in my drawer. Almost invisible on the legs.

90 new images, black sandalfoot slippery stockings and lots of extreme close-ups

Bare feet

Absolutely sexy black seamed Albert's stockings and lots of close-ups

My legs look as if they were bathed in oil. That's the effect of extremely gloss Platino Cleancut pantyhose

New stockings and true rarities from the 70's. These nylons are very unusual, they are micro mesh with sheer toes and heel and they have a sexy seam running from toes to the back of heel. Lots of extreme close-ups.

If only these tired feet could speak...they would whisper the secrets...

New guest model Arina posing in beautiful 10 den Fully Fashioned stockings

Very soft and sexy stockings from Hanes in sandalfoot fashion.

New guest model, amazing ballet dancer Bianca from Moscow. Her fully fashioned stockings with outlined feet are so sexy... Enjoy her show!

Cecilia de Rafael - one of my favourite pantyhose brands. They are so incredibly soft and silky to the touch not to mention this amazing gloss.

Playing with 10 denier sheer stockings and foot fetish in my favourite RHTs

Guest model Nicola. Her size 7 feet are simply amazing

This is part 2 of the photo set you have seen a few weeks earlier. However this time I'm wearing a pair of jeans over my ultra ultra sheer 7 den hold-ups. This gallery is very hot!

Guest model Greta

Feet, feet, feet in jeans

New guest model Angie - very cute blonde straight from Catholic school for girls. She's wearing very sexy wrinkled black RHT stockings.

My beautiful legs and tiny feet are encased in extremely delicate 10 denier stockings. Many foot close-ups

Guest model Tina

I felt like I was 18 again. Was I naughty at that age? Yes. And those stockings I had on were extremely sheer, probably 5 denier as far as I remember.

Guest model Gianna from Italy. This beauty is wearing extremely glossy Platino Cleancut pantyhose. And that's why her legs look like bathed in oil!

New HD video added. I'm slowly and passionately putting on my new RHT nylons with sexy seams. Lots of foot play and close-ups. Live sound, 14.05 min

Amazing foot model Mia is back!

New HD video added. Mega glossy Platino Cleancuts in action. Live sound, 18.54 min

Guest model Gloria

My tiny and perfectly nyloned feet exposed. Lots of close-ups

Both me and my very good friend Camilla are wearing extremely glossy Platino Cleancut pantyhose. Our legs are bathed in sunshine.

Very rare black nylons with HUGE reinforcements.

My sweaty and very smelly bare feet in black pants.

New guest model Nicola. She's a pin-up dancer and performer. Her lovely size 7 feet say it all!

Ultra ultra sheer 8 den pantyhose. Perfect for everyday and those crazy nights out!

This is what my tiny tired feet look like after all day walking without stockings or pantyhose.

These new 10 den stockings are so sheer that I could hardly feel them on my legs

Guest model, busty Priscilla. She's a poll dancer, she's very flexy and she loves wearing retro hosiery

One of my favourite pantyhose brands that I wear only when planning a crazy night out at a club or some other public place. Very shiny Platino Cleancuts draw lots of attention to my legs.

New guest model Dulce. From what I remember she was walking barefoot all day long and then she put on these lovely nylon stockings with reinforced toes. Most of the images here are Dulce's feet close-ups.

I call this photo set "Sheer pleasure" because 10 den stockings that I'm wearing are so delicate that I almost don't feel them on my legs.

Guest model and a good friend of mine Mia. We're so close with each other that we even share lingerie, stockings and pantyhose

This is the most glossy experience I had in my life. Wearing Platino Cleancut pantyhose is like dipping your legs in oil.

This gallery presents mostly extreme close-ups of my feet in retro RHT nylon stockings.

Meet my new girlfriend and ballet dancer Sandra. Her beautiful long legs and flexible feet behave indeed as if she was dancing.

I found in my hosiery drawer lately these sexy classic RHT nylons. I haven't been wearing them for some time so here they are.

My photographer did a wonderful job here. I think that's how Elmer Batters would shoot if he was still among us. My barefoot seamed stockings shine so beautifully in every picture and there's lots of great close-ups of my nyloned legs and feet.

Just take a look at these pantyhose...Cecilia de Rafael glossy and so lustre! They look like oil on my legs that shines beautifully in the spotlight.

Please welcome exotic Juana wearing those sexy seamed barefoot Alberts. Lots of both nyloned and bare feet close-ups

New pair of amazingly soft and shiny FF nylons

My favourite RHT stockings

You wouldn't believe how soft and delicate these stockings are, they feel like silk. Perhaps that's why they wrinkle so much

So much gloss can only give Cecilia de Rafael pantyhose

That's how I was dressed for the evening party at the local Hard Rock Cafe. I guess I don't need to add that everyone was staring at my legs, especially when I occasionally took one shoe off for a while.

Please welcome Diamante - gorgeous Italian girl in my Guests section

You can see me in two different kinds of nylon stockings here. The gallery starts when I'm taking off tan FF nylons and then I'm wearing shiny black seamed barefoot stockings.

Very sexy barefoot nylons in a shade of navy

Bare feet

New incredibly soft hold-up stockings

I decorated my legs with beige Fully Fashioned nylons with black feet reinforcements, very unusual pair. I don't remember wearing this type of stockings you? Now images come in 2896 x 1944 resolution.

I know you haven't seen me in pantyhose lately, I even got a few complaints about that so granting your wishes I give you my legs and tiny feet encased in super glossy and discontinued Pretty Polly-hose.

These vintage nylons are made from cristals that sparkle so beautifully but this effect can only be seen in close-ups

I was in a mood for pin-up and that's why I put on incredibly soft and 10 denier sheer Fully Fashioned nylons in a sexy shade of tan

My lovely tan RHT nylons

This is collection of my private photos taken during weekend or holiday trips with different cameras and mobile devices. These are mostly amateur images so please don't expect fantastic quality. As you can see in all those cases I was walking barefoot :-)

These 90 images have slightly different amateur character because they were taken by a good friend of mine Katia who is talented and inspiring photographer. There's lots of nyloned feet close-ups and the very nylon sparkles like stars in the flash light.

Another fantastic photo set for feet lovers...only this time it's all about dirt

Bare feet in jeans. When I took off my shoes and pair of jeans after a long day outside I had marks all over my legs and feet. You love those marks don't you?

I was so excited when photographer was taking these will see clearly that my pussy is all wet. Perhaps it was the pair of very sexy RHT nylons in most desirable jet black colour?

I remember that day, it was a little chilly outside so I decided to wear extremely sheer 7 denier stockings underneath my leggins. It turned out later on it was actually pointless because my stockings were so sheer that I didn't even feel them on my legs

New guest video added - 12 minutes of pure candid foot play. Foot size 7 (EU37). Extreme foot close-ups, dirty feet, bare feet, dirty feet in nylons, glossy nylons